Match Day 2017 was a Success!

Mar 16, 2018

Coffeyville Area Community Foundation hosted Match Day on Wednesday, November 15th, at the Perkins Building, Downtown Coffeyville Plaza, to benefit 20 local nonprofit organizations and charitable funds. Over $101,118.77 was contributed on Match Day for local Nonprofit Organizations.  A steady stream of donors came throughout the day to support local causes.  From 7:00 AM to 5:30 PM & 24 hours online, Match Day brought donors and representatives from the nonprofit organizations together on a single day to raise significant funds for local needs.

Local Nonprofit Organizations participating in Match Day received contributions from over 99 donors making 244 gifts with a total impact of $101,118.77 including contributions, the match, and prize dollars. KGGF Radio hosted a live-remote and provided an opportunity for nonprofit organizations to speak on the air about the mission of their organization and current goals and activities.

“It was a great atmosphere and wonderful opportunity for donors to connect with the local nonprofit representatives.  Donors were able to visit in person with representatives to learn about current projects and immediate needs the nonprofit organizations might have.” says Ann Marie Vannoster, Coffeyville Area Community Foundation Board Chairman.  

This year Coffeyville Area Community Foundation, The Bernard and Effie Jo Wade Family Foundation, and the Pratt Family Charitable Fund partnered to provide $40,000 matching money to donations given to 20 local nonprofit organizations and charitable endowed funds.

“Match Day is a positive, powerful day to celebrate charitable giving, said Janie DeVore Gillis, CACF Executive Director.  “On this day we focus on the power of philanthropy in our community and the joy in giving.”

Thank you to our 20 nonprofit partners for believing in the importance of endowment. Their efforts to promote Match Day were the reason we had so many people walk through the door and donate online.  Coffeyville Area Community Foundation would like to thank everyone who made this event such a success.  For more information go to


Throughout the day on Match Day, onsite donors submitted their names to be placed in an hourly drawing for a charitable organization to receive an additional $50.


The winners of the hourly drawings were:

CRMC Foundation-submitted by Neal Barkley

CCC Foundation-submitted by Yvonne Hull

Boys and Girls Club of Coffeyville-submitted by USD #445

Coffeyville Public Library Foundation-submitted by Cathy Shald

Boys and Girls Club of Coffeyville-submitted by TreVaughn Bossell

Cedar Bluff Camp-submitted by Marla Larimore

Coffeyville Historical Society-submitted by Marlon Thornburg

Coffeyville Public Library Foundation-submitted by Jerry and Norma Hamm

CACF Operations- submitted by Joan Fons

Midland Theatre Foundation-submitted by Marci Roberts

Grand Prize drawing of $200 was given to CRMC Foundation submitted by Spencer Evans-Lombe


Prizes were also awarded to participating nonprofit organizations at the conclusion of Match Day:

Most dollars received onsite:  Boys’ and Girls’ Club, an additional $200 prize donation

2nd most dollars received onsite: Coffeyville Historical Society, an additional $100 prize donation

3rd most dollars received onsite:  Coffeyville Community College Foundation, $50 prize donation


Most dollars received online:  Midland Theatre Foundation, an additional $100 prize donation

Most individual contributions received online:  Midland Theatre Foundation, $50 prize donation